Professional, Pet Lover, Gardener, Health Enthusiast, Artist


I have had many careers, ranging from personal coaching to retail, from hospitality to public relations. For the last 20 years I have had my own business as a beauty consultant and hair designer.

In all of these, I developed in myself and expressed in my work useful problem-solving skills, great customer service and a strong sense of affinity and empathy with others.

Pet Lover

I have had pets my whole life and while I love dogs, I am particularly fond of cats. I have been called a “Cat Whisperer” as we seem to relate to each other well.

I have also spent many years volunteering for Max Fund and Rocky Mountain Feline. rescue and adoption organisations.

I love discovering each animal’s individual personality, what they like, and how they express themselves with people.


I am a talented gardener. I think plants are a gift from God. My favourite plants are flowers and herbs. I’ve had gardens with 50 different roses and others with a variety of different herbs and vegetables.

Spice is the joy of food, and flowers are the joy of gardening.


Health Enthusiast

People tell me I don’t look my age, which I am proud to say is nearer 70 than 60. I credit this to attention to details: in my diet, in my exercise, in my taking care of myself and my environment. I like being outdoors, especially taking long and energetic walks and hikes.

I am a capable and enthusiastic gardener, growing both food and flowers, as these both nurture my health and my spirit

Family and Friends

I am proud to be a mother of a healthy and successful son. I am easy-going and make friends easily, and know the value of keeping them.

I like spending quality time with friends for lunch, walks, dinner, or an evening of swing dancing. I have close relationship with my sisters. Although my parents have passed on, I had a great relationship with them and continue to hold them in my heart.


Since I was a child, I have enjoyed creating many different types of art, from portraits, wall murals, textiles – from needlepoint to clothing design – and interior decoration and holiday table settings.

Below are a few examples of my murals.


I love to travel. Whenever I can, I enjoy exploring a new country, a new culture, new people. I have been to Greece, Jamaica, Saint Martinique, Italy, France (who doesn’t love Paris), and several others.

In April, I visited Australia and now just love it! It is a strange and alien land, disguised as something familiar. But the plants, the animals, and expecially the people, are wonderful. I cannot wait to see more of the Great Southern Land.

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