We are a semi-retired couple who are getting back together after 20 years. We were married in 1985 in Fort Worth, Texas, and lived with Shelly’s son Rob in Dallas, TX, Raleigh, NC and Boulder, CO until 1995 when for a number of reasons – which we cannot clearly remember now – we divorced. 

Over the next 20 plus years we stayed in communication and stayed friends. Over the last six nine months, we started speaking more frequently until in January 2017 we asked, “Are we just flirting, or are we going to do something about this?” In April, Shelly came to Australia to check it – and me – out. In July, Jim went to Colorado to help Shelly prepare and pack for the Big Move to Oz.

We were married again on 8 August 2017 at the Arapahoe District Courthouse, with the Honourable Justice Douglas performing theservice. Our plannow is to return to Sydney in October. We have not yet decided where are are going to live once there, but that is all part of the adventure. Shelly is going to retire from styling hair after a 20-year career. Jim is going to continue to write and consult with small businesses from time to time.

We plan to stay in Australia, travelling as much as we can to see that wonderful country.

We are happy together, no matter where we are.

We were married at the Fort Worth, Tarrant Count Courthouse. our children were in attendance

Our first kiss after getting married. On the Courthouse steps.

We moved to Boulder in 1993, This is take from the top of Flagstaff hill, looking down into the city.

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