Instead of connecting the lead directly to Cosi’s collar, connect it to the “choke chain” we have left for you. While called a choke chain, it really does not choke her when worn correctly (below). Dogs learn better and faster with a tactile stimulus rather than an oral one. The chain does not choke, pinch, or in any hurt Cosi. It is the canine equivalent of a nudge to the shoulder. When you want to correct something, a brief, gentle snap of the wrist will let Cosi know she is “out of bounds”.

Putting on the Chain

Connect one end of the chain to the black lead as shown below:


Now hold the free ring between your thumb and forefinger and drop the chain through the opening. The chain will form a loop and the ring will “slide up” towards the lead clip.



When you are walking with Cosi, she will be on your left side. It is important that you have the chain correctly over Cosi’s head.

  1. Make sure the chain is BELOW her collar, so the body of the chain comes across her chest. Do not have it above the collar, near her ears.
  2. Make sure the chain goes as in the picture below. The chain goes through the ring across her back then around her chest.
  3. Like this:
  4. Make sure the chain does not go through the ring then across her chest, then over her back.
  5. NOT like this:

Of course, Cosi will be excited about a walk, but in the “nothing for free” training style, she has to sit and be quiet for a few seconds before you put the chain on. While she is sitting, drop the chain through the free ring, then put the chain loop over her head so the ring is in the middle of her back and the chain goes across her back from her front left leg to the lead.

Once the chain is on and she is sitting, say “OK” and walk her to the front or back door. Have her sit, open the door, say “OK” and go for a walk.



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