Our First Year

After a year of housesitting in Australia, we tomorrow start our travels until May 2019.

During this year we have:

  • LIved on a 700-acre sheep farm, caring for 60 partridges, three sheep, two horses, and a dog.
  • Seen mobs of kangaroos, a single wallaby, and have been close enough to echindas to touch them.
  • Sheared sheep who were lost in the state forest for three years.
  • Taught frisky dogs to walk gently on a lead.
  • Taken care of ducks, chickens, and quails, collecting over 800 eggs from them, and pickling 600 quail eggs.
  • Made friends wherever we have gone.

Tomorrow, we fly out of Perth at the start of our next journey which will take us:

  • A month in the USA
  • Six weeks in England
  • Two weeks in Scotland
  • Two months in France
  • Returning to Australia with two months in Adelaide.

Once we return, it is our plan to return to Western Australia, but as that is May 2019, we don’t have that planned yet.

We will be more active in adding to this record as we travel than we were in the first year. We hope you will enjoy us sharing our travel adventures.

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