A day of slashing. Two paddocks done. It generated a lot of clippings on the tractor itself, and I had to clear the road where it dropped. Four tractor bucketsfull carried to the bonfire. All in all, a very satisfying day.

The sick bird died. Pretty sad day. Had to put the bird with the clippings on the bonfire.

Eight eggs today, a daily record. Three eggs from each of pens #1 and #3, and two from pen #2. I’ve started the second rack of eggs in the rotator box.

All animals are reporting in that they are in good shape. The two horses are happily grazing in the far bonfire paddock. The sheep are content to be outside all the time, and the birds are happily laying a record number of eggs. Maurice is living the dog’s life of waking up early and chasing kangaroos to his heart’s content. He has a fresh bone about every second day and is thrilled at that schedule.

Having a bit of a problem today getting the photos off my camera. I’ll update this with the pictures when I get the problem fixed.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so if there is more slashing to do, I’ll need to get to it early.

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