When we woke up, it was 4 degrees (39 degrees F). And misty. It would rain off and on all day. And it wouldn’t get sunny until about 5.00 pm.

It was cold and miserable, but the sheep had to be put out for food, water and other needs, so we put them out as normal at about 9.00 am. By 3.00 pm, it was time to move them in. When we got to the sheep paddock, the three guys were tucked in under the shed, staying dry if not warm. We didn’t have to coax them much to get them to go in. Don’t they look happy to be inside?

Shelly again was a pro shepherd.

The lone bird that escaped last week’s bird catch is not caught. Well, not actually caught, but after two days without food, today she was in the pen where she has food, water and shelter. Tomorrow we’ll catch her and put her into pen #3 with her mates. Let the egg laying begin for her! Here she is in her until tomorrow coop:

There were two eggs from pen #1 and one from pen #2 today. There were none from pen #3, which is not so good. And there were none from pen #4 which is excellent, since that pen should have all males in it. Still a long way from the necessary 20-30 per day, but we have gotten eggs from the three we expect them from, and other breeders report it might be too early yet.

Saw two kangaroos today. I was headed to the large pen to check on the lone hen when I came upon a big grey. I stopped and the kangaroo stopped. He (or she) seemed to pose for a photo, but when I moved to get my camera, he (or she) bounded off, came to the fence, and went over it with no hesitation. On the way back to the house, I saw another (or possibly the same one), who posed again just long enough for me to move for my camera. Thus, no pictures available. I’ll get some, I promise!

Tomorrow, we expect more rain. Hopefully a little warmer. There is slashing to do once it dries off.


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