A day of rest. Almost …

After a quiet breakfast, we went to Melbourne to run a few errands. Shelly drove the whole way. Did a great job. She did say she was exhausted at the end. Driving comes easily to her, but having cars pass on the right, entering round-a-bouts clockwise, picking the correct lane after a turn, all take concentration, and after two hours of full concentration, she was done! A great job, but at a cost in stamina.

On the way back from Melbourne, we stopped to see our friend, Geoff Cohen, at Cope & Williams Winery. Turns out, Geoff is a mutual friend. He first met Jon when he owned the general store at Newham, Victoria. We had a delightful hour stay with him, and promised to get together with him again.

I stopped by pen #5 tonight and the lone girl was out. I opened the gate to the catching pen, where the food is. I tried to walk her around to the door, but I spooked her and she flew into cover of the bracken. I left the door open so she has food. I’ll try again tomorrow.

The forecast is for it to be very cold by morning. Down to seven degrees and raining. I put the sheep in the shed just in case, and will let them out tomorrow for a bit, even if nasty; they need food and water at least for a couple of hours.

Maurice (the correct spelling, I find out) has a new friend:

As we were coming in the top gate this afternoon, we saw a mob of 15-20 kangaroos on the move. Shelly LOVED it!!

Tomorrow might be a hunker-down-indoors kind of day. We’ll let you know.

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